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Sep 13, 2018

Larry Ruhl is the author of a very powerful memoir, Breaking the Ruhls: A Memoir, a beautiful story about going through trauma from sexual abuse, living in shame and guilt, and taking the courage to stand up and speak out. Even during the editing stage, Larry was still rattled by his own story. It wasn’t just any other story. It was his personal journey. Ultimately, the message he wants to come across is that you can shed shame and that healing is possible. Now, he’s ready to stand up, speak up, and share his story!


What We Discuss with Larry Ruhl:

  • Larry recalls his experience writing at the monastery and what he learned from the monks.
  • One of the biggest fears in writing a memoir
  • His story’s message: you can shed shame and healing is possible
  • Taking vulnerability with you wherever you go: Larry's challenges while writing the book
  • Larry’s thought process in deciding which to write
  • Some tough things he had to go through during the editing process
  • The power of standing up for yourself
  • The publishing experience and the waiting game
  • Shifting from guilt to maturity
  • The massive impact the book has made, especially to other “survivors”
  • Larry recommends resources to those who are also hiding in shame and seeking help


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