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Aug 1, 2019

Donaldas Duskinas is a public speaking coach and the author of Retorika. He is a member of the Born to Write Community. 


Today, he talks about how 100% self-belief got himself a book publishing contract having only created a single sentence for his book. He shares some tips in having clarity to keep your momentum going as well as the five key elements in public speaking.


What We Discuss with Donaldas Duskinas:

  • Conceiving the idea of writing a book to finally publishing
  • The greatest realization from joining the 5-day Born to Write Challenge
  • How he got a publishing contract after only writing one sentence of the book
  • Deciding for his future while having to give up some things in his life
  • Having that clarity and confidence so you can finish your book
  • What drew him to the Born to Write Community
  • His advice to new and aspiring authors
  • The 5 elements of public speaking


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