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Nov 5, 2020

Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh is a speaker, author, physician, and Ayurveda expert. Praised as a “Wellness Innovator”, Dr. Kumar-Singh challenges medical professionals at all stages of their career to redefine their roles to become heart-centered, healing catalysts that practice what she calls true medicine. She is also leading a movement to empower patients to heal themselves and presents on a wide range of topics at the intersections of women’s health, integrative medicine, traditional healing systems, meditation, yoga, lifestyle, and nutrition.

What We Discuss with Avanti Kumar-Singh, MD:

  • How she got into Ayurvedic medicine being a Western medical doctor
  • What is Ayurveda?
  • Finding the right title for the book
  • Her book writing process
  • The importance of conscious awareness
  • How Ayurveda can help heal your body
  • The 3 areas of remedies
  • The concept of seasonal eating
  • Developing habits from routines

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