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Authors Who Lead - Learn about writing books from bestselling authors and leaders

Nov 20, 2020

Alex Carmeli is a leadership consultant, coach and the author of Teach your Ducklings to Fly and Stand in Fear. She guides leaders, mentors and coaches on their journey to building purpose-driven teams that drive income & impact. She also speaks on topics such as team building, leadership and personal development in her leadership Community "We Build Killer Teams." Alex strives to live her life by the mantra “if you’re not growing…you’re shrinking."

What We Discuss with Alex Carmeli:

  • How writing a book became transformational for her
  • Writing her first book which helped launch her business
  • The decision to build her online community
  • The writing process
  • How she managed to write two books in just two months
  • Dealing with failures and mistakes

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