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Authors Who Lead - Learn about writing books from bestselling authors and leaders

Mar 15, 2019

Sean Cannell is the co-author of Youtube Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Following and Making Money as a Video Influencer along with Benji Travis. Sean shares some marketing strategies built around building relationships, serving vs selling, and tapping into the power of YouTube through the 7 C’s!



Mar 12, 2019

Michelle Kinsman is the author of Real-World Feminist Handbook: Practical Advice on How to Find, Win & Kick Ass at Your First Job. Michelle and Azul met at Camp GLP, run by Jonathan Fields. Today, she shares with us what got her to write the book, her book writing process, and some marketing strategies she used.



Mar 1, 2019

Joe Barnes is the author of Escape the System: The Ultimate Guide to a Life of Freedom and Greatness and How to Create an Income with Working a Boring Job. Today, he talks about his book writing process, what got him to write about escaping the system, staying connected with people, and how to generate income without...