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Dec 18, 2018

Dr. Shaun Woodly is the author of MC Means Move the Class: How to Spark Engagement and Motivation in Urban and Culturally Diverse Classrooms. He is also the host of The Urban & Educating Podcast. Today, he talks about his journey from music to education, how writing a book is different from academic writing, and the parallelism between being an MC and a teacher.


What We Discuss with Dr. Shaun Woodly:

  • From love of music to a burning passion for both music and education
  • How being an MC is correlated with being a teacher
  • How he found his recognizable voice apart from having an academic tone
  • Different sublevels of culture that result in complexity and misunderstandings
  • Shaun’s realization of the impact he has on his students
  • Why and how Shaun changed his teaching style in 180 degrees
  • Shaun’s advice to those having seeds of doubt with their profession
  • Why Shaun leaped into a university setting
  • Academic writing vs. book writing
  • Creating the book trailer and marketing the book
  • How Shaun leverages his books in his workshops


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