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Mar 1, 2019

Joe Barnes is the author of Escape the System: The Ultimate Guide to a Life of Freedom and Greatness and How to Create an Income with Working a Boring Job. Today, he talks about his book writing process, what got him to write about escaping the system, staying connected with people, and how to generate income without getting stuck into the system.


What We Discuss with Joe Barnes:

  • Conceiving the idea of writing a book
  • Being stuck in a system and getting out of it
  • Creating revenue streams from writing
  • From self-publishing to traditional publishing
  • Joe’s book writing process
  • Tapping into the power of mentorship
  • His goal of setting a million books in total
  • How to stay connected with people around you
  • How his bubble got burst back in secondary school
  • Returning to politics
  • What goes with getting an advance from a traditional publisher
  • Joe’s message to aspiring writers
  • How to escape the system
  • How to achieve financial freedom in 3 ways


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