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Nov 30, 2018

Melissa Press is the author of the book Lost in Perfection. Her writing journey basically helped her heal and transform. From discovering her husband's affair to losing her father and whether to keep her baby or not, Melissa takes us through her transformational story.


What We Discuss with Melissa Press:

  • What made her decide to write a book
  • Figuring out the title of her book as a very beautiful process
  • What Lost in Perfection is all about
  • The self-healing process that happened while writing the book
  • Dealing with the feeling of failure
  • Finding out she was pregnant after the affair - the pivotal point of her life
  • Feeling freedom and courage to show herself to the world and owning her story
  • Having permission to not be perfect anymore
  • Losing her father and longing for connection
  • Melissa’s heart healing experience in Bali
  • Writing her book in just under two months -- writing from the heart and not worrying about book sales
  • How and why Melissa launched the Life Club

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