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Sep 26, 2019

Paul Emerich France is a National Board Certified Teacher and the author of the book, Reclaiming Personalized Learning. Today, we talk about this idea of bringing back personalized learning, finding a sense of belonging, embracing vulnerability, and making your voice heard and your story known to others.


What We Discuss with Paul Emerich France:

  • How he got into teaching and why he has stayed over the years
  • Remembering a good teacher and their effect on you
  • Why he decided to teach elementary kids
  • The challenges he encountered as an openly gay teacher
  • Why reclaim personalized learning and what it's really all about
  • Helping teachers reconnect with their real purpose
  • Making your voice and story known to others
  • Having a strong back and soft front
  • Paul's writing and editing process
  • The importance of vulnerability and why content alone is not enough
  • The power of assessment which is a vulnerable choice to make as a teacher



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